TYPOL: creativity
strengths and ambition

TYPOL 3D Streetwear is synonimus of reliability and quality.
Every piece of TYPOL collections has been designed and manufactured in Italy.
Fashion is interpretation and distortion of original ideas.

The TYPOL 3D Streetwear vision is oriented on creating innovative and eccentric clothing. Capable of estabilishing a unique and unreapetable relation between shapes, colors and the body of the wearer.
A parallel world to the 3D graphics made real and tangible through the clothing of our collections.

Every shape has been designed following the principles of timeless graphics, being able to trasform every piece of clothing in a real work of art – unique and inimitable.
Constantly following changes in the world of street-style makes us continuosly research trends and inspirations, which are the key to success of TYPOL.

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