The first 3D streetwear brand

TYPOL is an Italian 3D streetwear brand that, through the thoughtful use of graphic design, aims to ignite a series of vivid visual emotion and seeks to enrich seemingly two-dimensional forms with a tangible third dimension.


Our shape, our world,
our philosophy

TYPOL 3D streetwear wants, through the use of 3D graphic design, give every form, from the simplest to the most complex, a place in space where its values are no longer merely height and width but also depth: an essential part of TYPOL’s concept.



3D graphics

TYPOL designed every shape following the principles of timeless graphics, transforming every piece of clothing in a real work of ar, unique and inimitable.

Made in italy

Synonimus of reliability and quality, every piece of TYPOL 3D Streetwear collections has been designed and manufactured in Italy.


Oriented on creating innovative clothing, TYPOL 3D Streetwear is capable of estabilishing a unique relation between shapes, colors and the body of the wearer.


We costantly follow the changes in the world of the streetstyle, making continuous research on trends and drawing inspirations. That is the key for the success of TYPOL 3D Streetwear.