TYPOL® is an Italian brand that was founded in 2016 by Paolo Bona, a young and dynamic graphic designer based in Milan.

A passion for graphic design in all of its incarnations is what lies behind the conception and creation of this project. Creativity and graphic design are everywhere today, from the colorful paper magazines and the digital culture that surrounds us to the world of fashion in which each of us decides how dramatically we will reveal ourselves to others.

Through the thoughtful use of graphic design, TYPOL® aims to ignite a series of vivid visual emotions. The brand seeks to enrich seemingly two-dimensional forms with a tangible third dimension.

The use of 3D graphic design gives every form, from the simplest to the most complex, a place in space where its values are no longer merely height and width but also depth: an essential part of TYPOL’s concept. It is this depth that makes our brand unique, giving perspective, dynamism and even movement to the eye of the beholder. The careful selection of themes for each collection gives TYPOL® strength, resulting in the use of images that have a rich visual impact with clearly-drawn and precise figures from geometry, dressed in colors that give light, character and unity.